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We take all major credit cards!

For more information or to place an order, call us or text us at:  (210) 219-9355

Important information to read before you rent:

  • Each half gal. of Flavor makes 5 gals. of Mix, which serves aprox. 70, 9oz drinks.
  • Each rental includes 1 half gal. bottle of Flavor, 1 lt of Triple Sec, Salt and 40x plastic cups.
  • Machines will ve delivered day of event and pick up night of or day after event.
  • Machines are not maned but usage trainning will be given upon delivery.
  • We do not service apartments or duplexes only if it is at a Club house or room. We reserve the right not to leave the machine on any premises that we see as unfit, unsafe and unsecure.
  • Once we get to our destination we need to be able to roll the machine in a relatively flat smooth surface. Extra labor will be extra costs. We don’t do any flight of stairs.  We will need security deposits if machines are placed where our employees need to use extra means and labor to load the machine back into our vehicles.
  •  Its is very important to know where the machine will be plugged.  They need to have a 20 amp breaker dedicated to it. That means NO surge protectors.  NO plugging the machine with an outlet that already has a dj, crock pots, food warmers, moon bounces etc…  The machines need to plug in directly to the power source and ABSOLUTELY BY THEMSELVES!
  • In order to reserve any machine, we require a local current updated id, visa or mastercard, must be over 25 years old, two phone numbers (cell or home).
  • If you have any questions, ask our staff when you call.
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